leaving on a jet plane, pups & a special code for you

i just opened the windows to feel the fabulous fall breeze that’s going on today. despite the fact that it feels like we’ve endured 40 days & 40 nights of rain, today feels great compared to a couple days ago when the stifling 80+ degrees was far from pleasant. such is fall in georgia. i’ve heard no less than four planes flying over head since i plopped down. & speaking of rain,  i board a flight in just a few hours to head to west virginia to shoot what’s supposed to be around 5 or 6 sessions in 48 hours…and thanks to hurricane joaquin… is expecting rain. like everybody on the entire eastern coast. while trying to pack i’ve realized once again that basically everything i own falls into two categories~ leggings or ripped jeans and neutrals. wow. i really need to mix things up. anyways. the catalyst for the trip is to capture a very special little man’s first birthday. a little peek at the backstory can be found here…and i’ll share more about the current chapter when i return!

but short story…they are an amazing young couple who have overcome much….sought to add a precious child to their lives through adoption….32paigeknudsen

and gabe joined them essentially weeks after they announced they were adopting…34paigeknudsen

& the fact that he looks like his daddy spit him out is just one of many special chapters in their story…33paigeknudsen

this little man is turning one!! & i am beyond honored to have become friends with this special couple and get the absolute privilege of photographing them! i love this little peek at the before, welcome to the family & then hello gabe is 9 months collage! i mean c’mon are they beautiful people with beautiful hearts or what?


i wanted to give you a little update on our rescue pup, duke.

basically he’s doing great! he’s as cute as he can be. but i’ll be honest, i find myself subconsciously wishing for the ease and relationship i had with brinkley. i know it developed over time, not over night. brinkley had been by my side for 8 years by the time he passed away and duke has only been here for a few weeks. i’m not trying to compare them but its just natural to run things through the filter of the recent past. brinkley was an unusually awesome dog. golden retrievers by nature truly are. he was uber calm and truly an old-soul. but i’ve realized that brinkley, albeit rescued, came to us from another home. he had spent the first two years of his life in someone’s home. i have no idea how he was treated but he never gave us any reason to think he was abused…given away, yes, but not abused.

duke on the other hand has an entirely different background…and as obvious as you might think it is, i probably didn’t really think about the implications of taken in an abandoned,  homeless dog….from another country…who survived in the forest for months. so therefore he has to learn to not jump my fence effortlessly into my neighbors “forest like” back yard. rascal. he’s getting better on his harness. he never barks inside-good boy. he has played a little bit of goldilocks and has been found on perhaps a forbidden bed or sofa. bad boy.  he doesn’t chew any shoes nor does he get into things. he’s not bonkers indoors although he gets the zoomies out in the back yard and it’s so funny. he loves toys and sorta chews the heck out of them. it’s super cute. but the dude is obsessed with looking out our windows and watching the squirrels or whatever. turns out he’s had a serious infection in his ears. i put something on social media & turns out, he may have allergies. who knew? so i’ve changed his food again- sorry boy- to grain free. i’m praying this helps because yuck on the oti-pack. and due to his occasional wonkiness outdoors, steroids which lead to increased urination are not my chosen next step.

look at this face!! gah what a cutie!!


i think i mentioned a while back that he was shaved before he came to the USA. i have a couple pictures of him from the shelter in istanbul & i’ll share those soon, but he had a pretty bad skin infection. perhaps from allergies? anyways, his gorgeous full white coat got a total janky shave job. if any dog can be this cute despite terrible groooming, he can be nothing short of a beaut when it comes in! i have to tell you that i love the murchison-hume products i’ve used on him. i brush him daily & use the between clean waterless wash-it smells wonderful. the shampoo & shine conditioner are fabulous. you guys i love how soft his coat has become since i started using these on him. their scented with essential oils & are truly wonderful. you can use the code PK20 for 20% off your purchase….they have an entirely fabulous line i’ve shared about here as well. i think that if you can get your order in by midnight, you’ll receive free shipping as well!


hope wherever you are, especially if you’re expecting much rain & possible flooding from joaquin, that you stay safe!!

hello perfect pumpkin with click here



October 2, 2015 - 4:19 pm

» leaving on a jet plane, pups & a special code for you - […] leaving on a jet plane, pups & a special code for you […]

October 2, 2015 - 5:20 pm

Sheila Marschausen - I found you through AGA adoptions. I love Duke.

October 2, 2015 - 11:36 pm

Terry Pitzer - I went to order the Murchison Hume dog products tonight, but unfortunately shipping wasn’t free. It was actually more than the 20% discount, so I decided to wait on my purchase. Disappointed!

October 4, 2015 - 9:23 pm

marcie - I’ve shared before that we have 2 goldens – a male we purchased from a secure home situation and a rescue who came to us scarred, scared, skin and bones and abused. They are both the true golden personality – loving and devoted, kind and never aggressive toward humans (just squirrels and unusual noises – LOL) But… Our female rescue has never quite lost some of the quirks and fears that she has as a result of her difficult start. She can’t tell us but we see the scars and the things that scare her that our big, secure, spoiled boy sleeps through and never worries about. I’m happy everyday that we rescued her and that her end will be so much better than her start – including the fact that I finally threw a sheet over the white slipcovers and let her sleep on the couch. I swore I would never be that dog mom. It has made me realize that the love you give someone or “somedog” can ease the memories of the past but that it’s never truly erased. It makes me sad to think about what long term affects abuse has on children and to be in awe for the adoptive and foster parents who take this unknown into their lives. After years of love and food and sleeping on the ‘forbidden” couch one small out of the ordinary incident can cause our rescue to dissolve into sheer panic. Isn’t it sad that someone caused a poor puppy to always have this fear. I cannot imagine what Duke’s doggie nightmares must be.
On another note – we had to go grain/gluten free for our Goldens and it made a world of difference in many ways!!
Good luck – I loved Brinkley stories and pictures of his sweet face but I think Duke is a special guy. (And I get it because we tell Biscuit that he has spoiled us for all future dogs – he is the best doggie ever)

finding the light


goodness i love the fall. at the beginning of every new season i think oh yes, this is my favorite season, but surely fall is the best.  the last few years, it’s also the craziest. with both my noonday business at its busiest as well as my photography, it’s just plain crazy. weekends between now & thanksgiving are booked solid, many of which with multiple photo sessions each day. which is awesome & great & all things fantastic!! but it also means i sorta lose my soul along the way. at the risk of sounding dramatic, let me explain.

i realized the other day that i simply must put some boundaries up & reign in my screen time. last year during this time of year i began logging off my computer by 8pm and heading up stairs. dan usually winds down up there so its an effort to just be with him. i usually read something mindless, we have something on in the background. somewhere along the way that discipline sorta faded away. we’re lights out pretty early as he rises at 5 am most days. i’m nothing if i’m not an 8 hours of sleep per night girl. while that’s a rare achievement i realize to function efficiently & be creative during my busy season i need to make some wise choices. yes i’m 49 & still trying to figure this out! but truth be told, no matter what parenting season we’re in or what’s going on in our lives, choices & disciplines can flex and that’s just fine.

so my guilty pleasure is truly my iPhone. i watch little to no television, but that little baby is almost always in my hand. i readily admit i have a fascination with that little guy and all things apple. i love syncing my calendars & often times doing so right from an email or text link. i love having access to my iCloud for photo share and i obviously love instagram a little too much. winding down in the evenings doing these such things isn’t awful but right now i have enough time during the day to do such. how i spend the last little bit of time before bed & my first waking moments, needs to change.

as a photographer my goal as an artist is to capture the light in a creative way, manipulate my camera to optimize what i see with my physical eye and create what i see in my minds eye. i often times tell my clients that i’m not a super posey photographer but rather i’m all about the light. i’m not uber structured in our time together as we may often times walk around our venue with a little of this~ “wait…stop right here…i love how the light is falling on you right here.” for me those times are often during the magic hours which are usually the couple hours just prior to sunset & again a couple hours after the sun rises again. that’s my favorite time & where i “see” the beauty i strive to capture.

so it’s sorta gonna be the same for me & my heart and soul these next several weeks. the last couple hours before i turn in & then as i rise in the morning, those are the times where i want to find the light. i’m not structured necessarily & i’m not all hard and fast about this. no timers. no alarms. just an organic flow of time & a change of heart and focus. just trying to not wake up & immediately fire up all the gadgets. ( most days anyways!)

running two businesses & having several of my girls out and about during these hours i don’t feel its wise for me to completely unplug, but texts and emails can wait. endless mindless playtime on social media can be lassoed in. “the word on instagram” does not need to be the first word in my mind & in my heart. work can most days be done with the other hours. but i want to find the light…

what does that even mean? well…the biggest and most important application for me is my time with jesus. his word in my hands & therefore in my heart is that light. spending time in worship and prayer in the mornings is so crucial to setting the tone for how i respond to the day ahead. am i saying two hours in the morning & two at night? while that sounds like a professional level of godliness, no. often times my morning routine might go as it did today. reading a devotional, writing down a scripture (and/or) application that i want to meditate on during the day and then spending time in the word. i’m currently reading The Story. truth be told i’m reading the teen version.  i love reading the bible as a continuous story.

searching scriptures in various translations helps us take a deeper step in understanding those scriptures. i purchased a journaling version of the ESV bible this summer and enjoy this as well.


i learn from many others & their words, their interpretations of scripture. i’m inspired by other artists & i value keeping up with my girls and friends via social media. nothing is wrong with any of that. i just wanna find the light source each day…because in doing so i find Him. for where your treasure is, there your heart may be also. may my heart always be first & foremost about jesus.

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven,

And do not return there without watering the earth

And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater;

So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;

It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire,

And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

“For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace;

The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you,

And all the trees of the field will clap their hands”

isaiah 55.10-12


September 28, 2015 - 12:45 pm

Mimi - I liked the way you wove this post between photography and faith. My favorite : “i just wanna find the light source each day. ..”
Have you ever seen a Bible Across America? A unique and moving reading experience. The bible is handwritten. Each verse is written by a different person varying ages across the US. Way cool.

September 28, 2015 - 3:33 pm

Heidi Ferguson - I am so grateful for this post. Todd and I watch TV/surf web on our iPads/phones while laying in bed at night. I know the “light” they produce isn’t good for sleeping patterns -I’ve heard you should cut that stuff off at least an hour before bed. Will I stop- um probably some. Altogether, not sure! But, I am grateful for this reminder to be “intentional” about my time with my husband. It’s so easy to tune out. Especially when you don’t want to talk about serious stuff-like cancer. It’s so true that all the time spend on social media could be better used by me-studying God’s Word of course would be so much for beneficial. I’m intrigued by “The Story” and need to order it!! Thanks for the sweet post and the nudge to pay for attention to life that is right in front of me instead of escaping into the internet world that I tend to do a lot of lately! I love your sweet heart and how you share it.

September 28, 2015 - 7:45 pm

Lisa Mothersead - I often wondered how you keep up with everything without going nuts. Glad you’re making adjustments as needed. I appreciate all posts but would never want any of “my” bloggers to put them before family, etc.. (My fave blogs: you!!, at the picket fence, city farmhouse, dear lillie, finding home farms, hooked on houses, house tweaking, jennifer rizzo, lemonade makin mama, and unskinny boppy. Appreciate you all SO much.)

October 2, 2015 - 10:27 am

Beth Jones - Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Paige. Just what I needed to read this morning! I especially relate to your last paragraph.
You have inspired me to be more intentional myself this morning. Blessings to you and your family!